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A Creative Range of Cannabis Producs & more

PIMP is more than just a world novelty for Cannabis flavoured producs  - it's its future!
With the original PiMP products it is possible to enjoy your PiMP products without tobacco and its side effects like nicotine or tar, but with the full taste experience and thick steam clouds. With the new cannabis flavoured luiquid we finally accomplished to make PiMP as flavourful as regular cannabis.

PiMP, supplier of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, started 4 years ago with one goal, to bring the Electronic Cigarette to center stage in the Netherlands.
By early 2013 it was apparent that the goal had been achieved.
PiMP was born in a small office with just one employee, in 2010. The E-cigarette market was yet to make a footprint, but even with the earliest technology, we knew the Electronic Cigarette had the potential to change the lives of millions. Over the years our company has been at the forefront of new technological developments in the field of E-cigs and e-liquids.

Today we have a range of high quality products in a variety of different brands. The company now invests heavily in R&D, and is continuously working on improving the technology within the Electronic Cigarette space, and look forward to launching the next generation of E-cig products later this year.

Pimp was predominantly born to unveil the E-liquid category to the world, but we didn’t just bottle up a load of E-liquids and begin selling them. The E-liquids that we sell, have been carefully developed over a period of 6-12 months, and each E-liquid has been through vigorous consumer testing, to ensure a unique vaping experience.

Electronic Cigarettes is something that we are extremely passionate about, and we hope this is demonstrated to each individual that uses any of our PiMP products.
We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and live and breathe the Electronic Cigarette world – this in our eyes is paramount to our success.

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PIMP is not affected by regulations of the tobacco industry or smoking ban in the United Kingdom. Therefore no tobacco duty is charged and the usage inside public buildings such as shisha lounges and bars is possible without any legal issues.

Cannabis Flavour

PiMP is available in exclusive cannabis and fuit flavours. With a grain size of 5 to 9 mm.

PIMP & shisha

PiMP steam stones are suitable for every shisha as well as each type of bowl.

helth & Benefits

Besides the convenient usage and the health benefits there are many more advantages of using PiMP as an alternative for tobacco.

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Terms and Conditions


You must be 18 years of age to purchase any PiMP products. PiMP reserves the right to cancel any transaction where it has reason to believe the purchaser is either below the required legal age or is purchasing products for a person below the required legal age.
PiMP actively encourages people to avoid taking up a nicotine habit. If you are not currently a smoker then please do not buy any of our products.


Warning: Nicotine a poisonous and harmful substance. PiMP products must be kept out of the reach of children in a secured location. If any nicotine product is ingested or otherwise consumed, or allowed to touch skin, please seek medical assistance immediately.